Tips and Tricks

If you are a Nerf enthuisest you probably have a lot of darts, and you also probably use the massive number of darts you own to supply you and maybe friends too at Nerf wars. If this is so you have experienced loosing your darts or even other gear.

Here at Nerfboyz we all supply darts, discs, etc. and we have found that if everybody there brought 50 some unmarked darts it is a little tough to get everybody back the exact number of darts they showed up with. After the endless complaints from fellow Nerfers that certain people were taking more darts home than what they came with we decided that every one that wanted their darts kept would mark them with permanent marker. Whether it was their initials or just a black line on the tip, minus the darts that are lost every war, people that marked their darts got about the same number of darts back as when the showed up. This is the same with discs, clips, accesories and even blasters.

Try not to leave your clips loaded over a long period of time because it will damage your darts. They will loose their firmness and not operate very well in clip system blasters. Leaving a vortex clip loaded will not damage the discs in it.

Another helpful thing to keep from losing your stuff is to get a shoe box or a plastic bag to keep your Nerf gear in then instead of having a pile of Nerf darts in the corner of your room you have a spot to put thing when you are finished with them.

When using modded blasters like the recon and longstrike don’t dry fire them; with the air restrictor gone you could destroy your blaster. Thus we put plunger padding in the plunger tube, but even then dry firing can damage your blaster and is not recommended.

Hopefully these tips can help you in the future of your Nerf experiences, feel free to comment with other tips below. Remember “It’s Nerf Or Nothing”


9 thoughts on “Tips and Tricks

  1. Another tip and trick:
    Dont leave your Nerf Blaster outside and do not put the blaster in water because the spring will rust and seize up, the screws holding the blaster together will rust, if it is very cold the plastic will expand inside the blaster, so basically leaving your Nerf Blaster outside or taking it into the pool with you may seem like a fun thing to do on a hot summer day but it will eventually destroy your blaster rendering it to a heap of plastic.

  2. @ adb101,
    I once left my Stampede outside after using it, then went to sport for the afternoon. As we were about to leave to go home it started raining and i thought it would be ruined, when we got home it was wet all the way through, so I let it dry out and to this day it works as well as it ever did.

    Another time i hosted a war with all my friends at my house and it began to drizzle on and off, but a vulcan and two barricades were still used, and to this day have suffered no side effects.

    Also, i went to a war at my friend’s house, and brought my Rayven to it’s first large-ish scale battle. I used my Longstrike for the first day, and left my Rayven AND my stampede on the veranda, needless to say there was an astonishingly heavy dew, which completely permeated both of them with water, once again i just let them dry out for a few hours and they both worked fine, in fact if my memory serves me correctly the Rayven worked EVEN when it was wet.

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