Suppressing Fire

Suppressive fire is a highly effective tactic when used in the correct situation, particularly when going up stairs or crossing large open areas. Suppressive fire is simply when you fire on an enemy position keeping them pinned down so that they can’t fire back, to increase the effectiveness of this tactic have a second person lay down covering (suppressing) fire while you go and destroy the enemy troop(s) preserving ammo. The weakness of this tactic is when crossing large areas you may run low on ammo, the best way to counter loss of ammo on a large scale is firing in bursts. Single shot pistols will not work well for this tactic.

Ammo Starvation

Another obvious and effective tactic is to entrench yourself with cover and have the enemy waste ammo trying to hit you until they run out leaving them VERY vulnerable to your following attack.


Spraying is a basic and useful tactic in a nerf war all you must do is randomly fire at the multiple enemies around you forcing them to get cover, upon doing this you may either escape or rush your enemies. I find this tactic most useful when cornered or when attempting to push the enemy into an ambush. This tactic can often cause the enemy to retreat. I find that weapons such as the raider, recon, or alpha trooper are most useful for this tactic.

Hit n Run

This tactic is very useful against even the most experienced nerf  players or even the most well fortified positions. The name is pretty self explanatory all you must do is charge the enemy at high speed often causing them to panic, when within range fire your darts and run before they can react.  The most lethal weapons for this tactic are the Magstrike, AS-20, Stampede, or Raider. Be prepared to sustain some losses when using this tactic.


Fortifying is a tactic in which you establish an area where you may find shelter, ammo, and additional weapons, it should be a place to which your forward allies can resort to regroup, and continue to launch attacks on the enemy. Not only does this form an obstacle for the enemy to overcome but can be used as an HQ.


Though it may sound cruel, this is a tactic in which you sacrifice your weakest players as a distraction for your main attack, weakening the enemy, also often leaving them vulnerable due to the fact many will have to reload. Often most effective when fighting a strong enemy with experienced players, though is rarely as effective when having a smaller scale war.


Camping is a useful method if used in the right places at the right time, to employ this tactic I recommend you and some others go into a room with two or more escape routes and wait for the enemy to come to you, and if the pressure is to high than you can always make an escape, if the enemy is defending both door’s you may take advantage of your numbers because the enemy forces will be split in two you then could attack one door and destroy or force the enemies there to retreat. The guns most useful for this tactic vary due to the different rooms.

Knowledge of Terrain

Knowledge of terrain is a tactic that is often used whether intended or not all you simply do is know the area in which you are battling, know what spots are best for ambushes, bases, ect. Despite it’s simplicity this may be one of the most useful tactics that can be used in a nerf war.

The “Han Solo” Tactic

This tactic is without a doubt the most simple , yet intimidating, tactic. It is basically a full on charge . All you need to do is load up any gun that might help in a pinch and run screaming toward the enemy. Hopefully they panic and run , but if they don’t , Start shooting ! Although similar to the hit and run tactic this is most likely to result in less losses on your part. This tactic is Less effective against the most experienced nerf players and is effective with any gun, though the higher the R.O.F. the better.


20 thoughts on “Tactics

  1. i can personally vouch for the Han Solo tactic…it works well against new players and sometimes even more experienced players, especially if you yourself are a veteran. also works well if your one of the last people on the team…you either get a quick death or win the game

  2. I hate to say it, but I used the sacrifice tactic this very morning. I yelled at my most incompetent player to go in, then he distracted them, and I mowed them down. Cruel, yet effective.

  3. I like sitting around waiting with my team in my bunker, eventually the enemy has to attack and usually just charge in and get shot straight away. Problem with that tactic is that you have to be able to keep an eye on your opponents to make sure they don’t get behind you, trust me one time this guy with a vulcan snuck up behind my team( one of my friends and me, we both had stampedes but were facing forwards) and slaughtered us before we even acknowledged he was there.

  4. all tactics work well but its when and how u use it in what sercumstances that i think matters but i do like the camping tactic myself…I know im a n00b

  5. You should add sniping – when you hide in a tree behind a wall in tall grass ect. then, when the enemy walks by, you snipe them.

  6. I love the han solo, surpressing fire, and my specialties are sword fighting and sniping. I combined all of those and came out with the X Tactict. Its when your raiding an enemy outpost. You have one sniper in a tree, two guys laying down surpressive, and three guys running up to the base. STEPS: 1st- Have allies lay down heavy fire on the enemy outpost. While the enemy is taking cover have the fastest runers in your group charge the enemy base. SREAM WHILE YOU ARE RUNNING!!! It adds to the fear. The enemy will not know what to do. If they leave cover to run from your forces they will get shot by the heavy fire. If they try to fire at the on comming soldiers they will be shot by the sniper. If they stay in cover the on-comming allies will kill them.
    Its fun to see them with fear on their faces 🙂

  7. What you describe as bunkering is actually fortifying. Bunkering involves diving over or around a bunker in order to eliminate an opponent fortified there. 🙂

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