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49 thoughts on “Suggestions

  1. i didnt find that i could know enough about whatt nerf really is ? do you really shoot people ? is this a illegal sport?
    if so , i think the government should be notified.

    • nerf stands for Non Expanding Recreational Foam. The NERF brand make toy guns that shoot foam darts with rubber tips that do not hurt whatsoever, and they are not illegal, seeing as paintball is a much more dangerous sport and it is not illegal. Yes, in NERF wars you do shoot people with NERF guns.

    • Nerf shoots foam darts. Nerf stands for “Non-Expanding Recreational FOAM”. Dude it doesn’t even hurt to get shot by a nerf gun. Sometimes you dont barely even feel the bullet hitting you. Plus, if nerf was illegal then they wouldn’t sell it in zellers, wal-mart, toys r us, kmart, target, ETC. even paintball and airsoft are more powerful then nerf. So just calm down dude. One more thing, if Nerf was illegal, then why would the boxes for nerf guns say ages 6+ – 8+???

  2. Nerf originally started with a simple foam ball that was meant for indoor play and simply, it became a best seller. NERF produces a range of products including sports equipment, apparel, melee gear, and toy blasters. Note the use of the word blaster not gun NERF is always trying to keep the associations of war and guns out of their blaster line. Thus Nerf is very legal.

  3. oh thank you ever so much ! you are so helpful in me understanding your way of life here in canada .

  4. Nerf boyz, I think u shouldn’t review nerf guns older than the stampede. Review brand spankin new ones. But while ur waitin most ppl have already prolly seen review for old ones. Instead focus all ur energy on mods and paints. Make them neet and well done. This gives ur sight a unique touch. Ppl will check ur site out cuz u do awesome mods that are creative. This seems to be what all the well nerf sites are doing. And well they are well known. Try it and see. But always be creative. Ask for ideas from readers and such. But sieriously try it. ppl don’t whant to see old stuff cuz its well…. Old.

    • I don’t like this idea. I like reading reviews on older nerf guns and I don’t do mods or paints. Sure you can add stuff about moding and painting Nerf products but please don’t let it take over your site. If this site becomes a site where basically everything is about moding and painting I’ll probably just stop visiting your site. I just will have no use for it.

  5. COOL !!
    I live in The Netherlands where can I buy them online, does anyone knows a website who ships to Europe?

  6. Hey NERF Boyz…..i dont have the time to mod nerf guns and well,i only have one……so ummmm i was wondering if you sold modded guns……….i live close to you and i am pretty sure you remember me…….lol from school,any way, i found something online,its a modded recon cs-6 that works and looks like an AK-47. I could give you the recon if you moded it….hope you can….if me at……..thanks in advance


  7. you should review guns older than the stampede. if you dont review them, whats gonna happen to the poor sap who cant afford a stampede and doesnt know how other guns perform?

  8. I have a favour to ask you, since you use wordpress just like me. I’m new here and I’ve noticed that you guys have your recent posts in a big lineup on your “Home” page, I’ve been using the Recent posts widget but have noticed that as soon as I navigate away from it I can’t find it again. I was wondering if you guys could tell me how to have my recent posts on one of my pages. Please:)

    • whayw5,

      We currently only have other nerf sites and categories in a list on the sidebar, but on that note to have recent post show up on all pages you must first go to where you can edit a page. There on the right side of the screen you should see a box labeled page “Page Attributes” under that find the area labeled “Template”. From their find the drop down below the title their you should be able to access whether widgets show on the sidebar or not. This may vary with different themes. Now I have to ask did I read your question right? 🙂


      • Sorry, Can I reword my question? How do you get all of your recent posts to show up on a certain page, not just the name of the posts on the sidebar?

      • I’m not sure how to have all your posts show up on one page. You could try searching the tutorials on youtube and on for more information.

  9. Also can I ask, where do you guys live? If it’s in Australia can you tell me if you’ve seen XLR disc refill packs in stores?

    • My personal preference is the longshot by far, but it is no longer available in stores sadly. The longstrike is still pretty good though especially if you get an OMW kit for it.

  10. i don’t own a Longstrike myself but a friend of mine let me borrow his for a war and i really liked it, another of my friends who was at the war had a longshot and it did not perform anywhere near as well, even though it was modded and the Longstrike wasn’t. Also the longstrike is more aesthetically pleasing, especially the Whiteout repaint of it. if i were to get one of the two i would pick the longstrike. PS: to all of you longshot fanatics out there, it’s still a good blaster and all but it just doesn’t appeal to me. 😛

  11. hey i totaly agree with you man the longstrike is my choice out of the two as well. Also the longstrike has more tac-rails but when modded it tends to break apart on the inside,yet when the lonshot is modded it seems to hold together better and it also depends on how the longshot was modded. If you did a ar mod and a spring strech or put a larger spring in it it will preform much better hope this helps.

  12. Hey guys i have a question for you guys if i was to invest in a fully automatic nerf gun which one should i invest in. My friends tell me the Stampede is the best one because is fairly light and shoots quite fast. I also think it is a good investment because i get the blyshield and other accessories with the gun and for a good price. I am asking you guys for some more info on this gun and what the price would be.

    • the stampede is light without the batteries but with them the back is pretty heavy compared to the rest of the gun

  13. hey i totaly agree with your friend (wink wink) the stampede is probally my favorite out of all the fully auto blasters. As well it comes with 3 18 dart clips 1 6 dart clip, the shield, and bipod/grip plus 60 streamline darts which will keep you suplied for a while. i also believe it is the perfect all- around blaster

  14. Stampede FTW!! It doesn’t go through batteries as fast as the Vulcan, Is cheaper than the Nitron, and where i live the Swarmfire isn’t even available. The Nitron is very light, but because of it’s slow rate of fire i find it easy to dodge, to the point where i can get within 2m of the wielder without taking a hit, it doesn’t come with much ammo either. The Vulcan is heavier than the stampede and doesn’t come with as many darts, but you can get it slightly cheaper than the stampede.

  15. Hi guys, are you able to get onto UT at all?
    i cant because now you need an invite to read the blog.

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