Gun Classes

Sniper Class

The sniper combo is a combination for  those who are sparing with ammo and can fire accurately, the sniper class includes:

-An Elite Retaliator with 12 dart mag and an Element EX-6 sight

-A Spectre REV-5

-An N-Force Dagger (from stonewall shield)

Heavy Class

The heavy class  is a gun combo that is for those who don’t care about bulkiness and are strong enough to carry several heavy weapons at once, though when used this class is devastating.

-A Titan AS.V-1

-A Stampede ECS with a red dot pinpoint sight , 35 dart drum, and duel tactical lights

-A Bandolier kit with 3x 18 dart clips and 2x 6 dart clips

-Dual N-Force Klaw Hatchets

-A Maverick REV-6

Rusher Class

The rusher class is for those who rush into the enemy base firing at the beginning of the game in an attempt to take out as many opponents as possible in one suicidal run.

– Dual AS-20’s (pre-pumped)

– Elite Rampage

Tactical Class

The tactical class is a class that is effective in many roles and can challenge many different enemies and can be used by almost any nerf warrior.

-An Elite Stockade with red dot pinpoint sight.

-A Maverick REV-6

An N-Force Battlemaster Mace

Stealth Class

The Stealth Class is for those who like to quietly sneak up on enemy units crushing their flanks. They must always be able to find enemy weak spots.

-Dual AS-20’s (pre-pumped)

-Dual N-Force Thunderfury short swords

Assassin Class

The Assassin Class is much like the Stealth Class, except geared toward one person. The Assassin quietly stalks the enemy target and eliminates them quickly and quietly.

-A Jolt

-An N-Force Dagger (from stonewall shield)

Assault Class

The Assault Class is a class that combines multiple tactics into one. You must be stealthy yet very devastating and is specifically for offensive purposes.

-A Stampede ECS with a tactical light

-Dual holstered Spectre REV-5’s

-An N-Force Marauder Longsword

Defensive Class

This class is self explanatory; it is for those who are defending a key base or objective in a nerf war and is for those who are hasty to fortify positions.

-An Elite Hailfire loaded with 18 round mags

-Dual Magstrike AS-10’s

-An N-Force Klaw Hatchet

Scout Class

  The scout class is for those who stealthily scout ahead of the main force but still have enough firepower to be a dangerous threat.

-An Elite Retaliator with a 35 dart drum

-A Speedload 6

Juggernaut Class

The juggernaut class is a class for the unstoppable, the juggernaut has intense armor and has very impressive endurance. The juggernaut may as well be a walking tank.

– Vulcan EBF-25 with modded 100 round belt

– Tactical Vest loaded with more belts

– Vision Gear

– Battlemaster Mace

– Elite Firestrike (rumored)


126 thoughts on “Gun Classes

  1. I don`t think you could be steathy with 2 as-20s. Plus longshot+spectre barrel=weird looking blaster and I think you mean stock not stalk.

    • Hey my class is the Elite Class. It is basic and very good.
      -Recon with Raider stock, Spectre barrel, and Flip-Up sight
      -Bandolier with 3 18 dart clips
      Skill set
      -Good supportive player (Defensive and Offensive)
      -Good accuracy
      (P.S i selected the Spectre barrel because it is the only barrel that doesn’t reduce acuracy and range)

    • Can you update the new elite blasters? Um, and I think the Recon is outdated, same with the Rapid Fire AS-20, Magstrike (Nerf discontinues it) I think. Can you please update the Vortex Blasters into it? Nerf also discontinued the Nerf n-force last year too?

    • I think u need to update the Assassin class with:

      -Elite triad instead of jolt
      -Vendetta dual swords
      -Keep the dagger
      -Dual Firestrikes

    • Spy
      The spy class is effective for people good with running and are very sneaky.
      It’s very simple but effective.
      -Two SharpShooter2’s (not dual wield)

    • You should a big bad bow to the assassin class and then change it to the blazin bow when it comes out later this year

    • Blaster Class: Taking out large groups of enemy solders with just one well placed shot! With high attack and tactical weapons, it’s a nicely ballanced class.


      Knight: Big on close range combat, unless you can throw a Machette.

      New ZombieStrike Machette
      Stonewall sheild

  2. I request the Assault class. It’s much different from the rusher class, as it is stealth and rushing.

  3. Duel element ex-6, modded to be semi-auto and use 6-dart-clips, & a longstrike cs-6, modded also to be semi-auto, with the front iron sight moved to the front of the gun without the barrel extension, with an 18-dart-clip.

    Either one of the two (the duel elements, or the longstrike) is killer.

    Obviously, they’re modded to have at least 5 times their stock range.

    • How do you mod a element to be semi-auto and to use clips? Why not just use recons with element springs and some how mod for semi-auto. This appears to be theoretical mods and not something that could be pulled off too easily.

  4. What are the rules with armour for nerf wars? Any ways there should be a Juggernaut class. Stampede window shield attachment you get the picture. Armour would include Dart Tag vest, Fast-load Sleeve, Vision gear Glasses and (optionally) stonewall shield. Weapons include Battlemaster Mace,and the Raider. Juggernauts I have seen on video games seem to have one big weapon though not big enough to be considered “Heavy Class”. Juggernaut class would be focused more on endurance than fire power.

  5. I think I’m Tactical exept I use stonewall shield and dagger the shield’s to deflect darts

  6. You should make a speed class. it would have a Tactical Vest with ammo clips(4 ECs)and darts. a Bandolier(without clips or ammo attached)clipped onto both ends of a Stampede so you can hang it over your shoulder(to make it easier to reload on the run)it would also have a Vendetta.

  7. You could CQB a longshot by sawing off the front of the gun and use the super clip that the barricade uses. I also put a holographic sight on my longshot and it is the best CQB gun ever!!!

    • Really, the long shot is crappy I use the retailator elite with strong arm and triad elite guns are the BOMB!!! N-strike sucks quit living in the past the rampage would be good rusher class with a stryfe 12 round elite clip that’s the way to go

  8. Primary : Recon with red dot light barrel extension and raider stock. longstrike sight
    Secondary: Furyfire
    Tactical: Bandolier kit

  9. buzzbee rapid fire tek
    twin break barrell shot guns [double shot or barell break]
    twin mavricks
    what would this combo be? wetern/’cause i can’ class???

  10. this is my class I made,
    Terminator class; a sort of hybrid of assassin and sniper class.
    -a Longstrike CS 6 with OMW STAGE 1 kit installed
    -a Raider CS 35 with Tactical light
    -A N-force Vendetta double sword
    -A N-force klaw hatchet

  11. What would i be ? i have a vulcan, a recon, a deploy, a maverick , and the night red dot one.
    what am i?

    • you have your own special class if you carry all that at once:] but if not it ranges between stealth and heavy.

  12. I would have a tactical class but different 2 yours
    1. Recon with everything but scope
    2. Duel barricades
    3. Tactical vest with clips and whistler darts
    Epic class!!!!!!

  13. A class I reccomend is something I call ‘The Shield.’ Essentially, he uses the stonewall shield and one of the many nerf swords like dual vendettas un-combined or something. This can be used in groups of 1 to 3 to hold off the heavier classes, blocking darts, therefore starving the enemy of ammo. One more I might reccoomend is ‘The Richochet.’ He uses the new disk guns, has a map of the area, and a stonewall dagger. I use this to start a raid because the disk guns can ricochet bullets.

  14. Yay they put in the Juggernaut. Been on nerfboyz every month since but completely forgot about it. Epic fail. And thx

  15. Also the assault class should have a night branch or a new night class with the night rayven and whatever else you guys can think of

  16. A few classes I use:
    ranger, a long range class with some cqc power
    modded longstrike with element ex6 scope
    quick 16

    close range
    element ex6
    barricade with stock
    quick 16

  17. Custom Class 1:
    long strike with a spectre rev-5 all attachments
    Custom 2:
    raider w/ drum mag and bandolier plus vulcan ebf 25
    Custom 3:
    recon with all attachments on, AS-20 and bandolier for recon

  18. Really a spectre barrel. My fav class would out of those classes would he the rusher. My personal fav class would be
    Primary raider
    Secondary dual nite finders
    Last resort my magstrike hidden behind my back

  19. i’m definetly defensive class because i love using the stampede which is great for defensive class and i like defending the flag or the base

    • SWEET….but im mad! my maverick broke! it was my sidearm of choice, too….crap. o well. theyre cheap.

    • ah, well…at least they’re cheap where i live…but still…i had it for, like, 3 yrs b4 it broke.

    • funny story… friend Al and i team up against his brother, Dave. Al is armed with a titan, myself a magstrike and maverick. so we’re walking, we’re at it for maybe 8 minutes or so, then a shot rings out, and i got hit in the face. so naturally i want to see where he shot me from. i look around, i can’t see him. i turn to Al, he’s bringing the titan to his shoulder. then it clicked. im, like, no freakin way. i look UP. he’s in a tree.

  20. am i tactical gunner as well as a defence class i have a stampede with three extended clips plus 3 six dart clips with bandiolar belt and my secondery as a barricade with stock and red dot

    • not so much, bro. there’s only so much a barricade can handle. now granted you’d make a formidable defensive gunner, but i would think that a tactical gunner would have to be in the field. the barricade won’t give you any real knockdown power in an emergency. so i’d say that you’re probably better off stickin to defense.

  21. My favourite setup is:
    -A Whiteout Longstrike without barrel
    -A Rayven
    -Bandolier kit with several clips/drums

    My other is:
    -Longshot without barrel
    -Proton with a pile of discs in my pocket
    -A CRAZY powerful switch shot
    Honestly this thing gets 45ft UNMODDED

  22. My favorite setup would have to be:
    -Rayven: recon tact. lite(on side of rayven, recon flip-up sight(on top of rayven), regular 18-clip, recon barrel ext., stampede bipod(on bottom of recon barrel).
    -pre-pumped magstrike in my left hand
    -Vigilon attached to my bandolier
    sometimes i use a plain stampede attached to the bandolier instead
    also the rayven is not too heavy with all of those attachments(they do add quite a bit of weight though, but it looks awesome.)

  23. how about a very heavy class not braging but im very strong i like powerful snipers so im proberly a sniper or a stormer

  24. Got a vigilon!! and now my magstrike is busted. what the heck. bought a rayven to replace it, and while it may not be quiet in personal terms, nobody in the field except the guy you’re shooting @ is gonna hear it. am i still a tactical gunner if i carry stampede primary, rayven secondary, and vigilon tertiary?

  25. these classes seem very poorly thought out(thats just me) and someone said the spectre barrel is the only barrel that doesn’t reduce accuracy and range, i beg to differ. the point of the barrel is to increase accuracy, which the spectre stock does poorly. while a recon(longstrike/longshot/etc…) the tighter and longer barrel increases accuracy but reduces range anywhere from 10 to 20 ft. So please, stop acting like the spectre stock is ultimate because it does nothing for accuracy which is the point of a barrel extension. Oh and just saying, your top picture with all the nerf ammo is poorly photo shopped. Also, if you ask me, there are currently no nerf weapons capable of being considered a “sniper” until there is an elite longstrike. One last thing before i leave, i noticed that there are no alpha trooper classes which is by far the best clip system blaster, i use my modded one in conjunction with a single magstrike and a barricade in all wars. I have never lost.

    • an elite longshot would be better and these are awesome classes my friend and i have some we might submit

    • jeez, man, lay off! he may not have the means to improve the photoshop. you claim that there is no nerf sniper. i beg to differ. you obviously have never used a praxis. heck, even the vigilon can be used as a sniper. by the way, the loadout you carry could use a…modest improvement. ditch the barricade and grab a vigilon. alpha trooper! best clip system my arm! the stampede has long overtaken the alpha trooper, mainly because of the volume of darts that it’s capable of throwing @ the enemy.

  26. STAMPEDE FTW!!!!!!!!!!!!! and the Rayven. And the longstrike. And the Vigilon. And the maverick. 😛

  27. im probably ,in your classes, scout and heres my sniper combo: Modded recon with spectre stock and barrel. Sidearm (or sniper aid) : spectre with recon barrel and last resort -maverick

    now my soldier combo modded recon with barrel and stock and spectre with barrel.

    steath combo modded recon with spectre silencer

  28. I dont have a name for my class yet, but do you think it’s good?

    Primary:dual stampedes with 35 dart drums and bandolior kits

    Secondary:dual barrel breaks

    Back up: barricade

    Other: VERY strong muscles to carry this.

    This may get expensive for new players, but i use this CONSTANTLY! Btw nerfboyz, youve got a pretty cool site going! Peace out,

  29. I like the Rayven class. But is the raven a good gun to have in a full nerf war. Like teams at the park? Is it a run in shoot, get the heck out kinda crap?

    • essentially, yes, the rayven is best used as a cqc or hit and run weapon. its better for indoor wars due to the noise and it’s compact size. you can wind up, pop a few shots around a corner, and get back to cover. a tactical tip…DONT GO FOR THE HEAD…i am aware that many of you have trained yourself to do so (as have i), but your target should always be center mass…the torso. its a lot easier to duck a projectile moving at your head than your chest, and its a kill shot either way.

  30. I have only used the Rayven in small scale wars, however if you use it with the 35-drum then it’s really versatile. Also, i recommend adding a barrel extension to it as it won’t decrease the range as much as for other blasters, but offers a HUGE improvement in accuracy. If you use the recon or longstrike barrel I suggest attaching the stampede grip to allow for more stability when firing. Hope this helped, THE RAYVEN IS EPIC!!!!!!!!!!

  31. what i do is have a hailfire with 5 6 dart clips and 1 18 dart clip and kick a door open and before i kick the door open i swich to the 18 dart clip and then i can take everybody out- thats doorbreaching

  32. You should have a SMG class


    Primary- Nerf rayven: long strike sight

    Secondary- Nerf Magstrike as-10: dual wield

    Sidearm- Nerf Maverick: no attachments

    If you don’t like this class and have other improvements replay

  33. I made some changes to the heavy class so i could just use it as defense, nothing real different, except the stampede has tactical light and longstrike sight, the daggers are changed to swords, and i put a scout on the side of the titan. I just stay at the base cause honestly, i hate having to drag your gun on the ground with the stupid bandoiler cause im only 4′ 5″

  34. Since the Elite Strongarm is better than the Maverick REV-6, is a successor of the Maverick REV-6, and almost as cheap as the Maverick REV-6, why not replace the Maverick REV-6 with the Elite Strongarm in the classes section?

    • Also the Maverick REV-6 has been discontinued so it may be harder (and maybe more expensive) to obtain than an Elite Strongarm.

  35. Class: Scavenger

    Guns: Retaliator, with scope and dowels on the slide, to make it bolt action (modded front and stock to look like this: )
    Barrel break EX-2 (barrels cut of like this: )
    Jolt EX-1 (modded to look like a sci-fi tranquilizer gun)

    13 rounds for the retaliator
    10 for the barrel break
    7 for the jolt.

    Pros: Multitude options of attacking/defending
    Easy to carry, with a combat harness
    Compitable with all ammo, except discs
    Good in cover to cover situations

    Cons: Maybe a little low ammo
    Slow firing? Not an issue if you remove the Retals barrel and blast away!
    No splash damage or ability to reload quickly

  36. I’m an assualt during capture the flag wars. An assasin in free for all. And tactical in team deathmatch.

  37. Either tactical or assault. The sniper should be the centurion mega elite blaster. Don’t know the release date though:( expected to be $ 60 it would way better than the retaliator go to MyLastDart@NerfHaven for the centurion.

  38. so what should the general use? because i’m not really any one of these classes

  39. I’m the bomarder class, I use the stomp rocket + darts and a rubber band to hit hard on bases and groups of people. I also carry with me the strongarm. I’m still working on the mods for the stomp rocket like making a bigger boom and lighter rocket.

  40. trench-warfare class

    stampede shield
    lots of darts

    Goal: never run out of ammo in places were rushing is unlikely as not being under cover.

  41. i usually carry a nerf rampage w/ 25 dart drum and a nerf strongarm i usually dont use slam fire and have close range fights what class am i

  42. No idea what my class is:
    -Retaliator with AR removal, stock, lock removal, custom sight, 18 dart magazine and 12 dart magazine
    -Barricade RV-10 with trigger press power on (only turns on if you press the trigger)

  43. What am I? I have the Retaliator with Longstrike barrel, grip, and Retaliator stock, and a homemade scope.( plastic tube with plastic wrap and Sharpie on the ends, covered in duct tape and rubber banded on to a Longstrike flip out sight without the flip up piece.) Oh, and a Strikefire, (X2), a jolt, and a Recon on a bandolier.

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