Nerf Paint Schemes

Recently, Nerf has been coming out with new paint schemes for some of their blasters. In most cases the new paint scheme blasters perform the same as the original. With the Sonic, Clear and Gear Up series of guns they didn’t change anything inside the gun to help it perform more efficiently. But, with the whiteout series of blasters they did something drastic to the internals of the guns. All the whiteout series guns are shooting farther and faster. I personally hope they come out with a new paint scheme like army camouflage but with the internal modifications of the whiteout series. So give us your thoughts what is your favorite paint scheme so far? Sonic? Gear Up?Clear? Whiteout? Or just the original paint job? Thanks and remember its nerf or nothing!


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N-Strike Barrel Extensions

Nerf has come up with a lot of ways to display their blasters using barrel extensions, but looks are not the only purpose for these extensions. If the barrels are used properly the can do some preformance ehancing without modifing the blaster!

Arguably the best barrel extention made by Nerf is the N-Strike Spectre REV-5 extension. This barrel does not affect blaster ranges at all but does well for mods regarding appearance.

Another extension is the popular barrel extension from the Longstrike CS-6 this part of the gun decreases range and serves little purpose other than aesthetics.

Longstrike CS-6 barrel extension

The extension that comes with the Longshot CS-6 will improve accuracy a slight amount but reduce range, plus it come with a single-shot blaster of its own!

Thanks to SG Nerf for this pic

The last extension is the Recon CS-6 barrel it adds a fairly noticeable accuracy increase but does affect range. It is also one of the better looking and most commonly used barrel extension.

Recon CS-6 barrel extension with a tac light


Nerf Rayven Pictures

Urban Taggers is already on top of things as they have received an early pic of the nerf Rayven CS-18 from a reader named “Clu”. We thank him for the pic. I’ll let you draw your own conclusions.Neil also from Urban Taggers also spotted some of these green streamlines on Ebay. I wonder if they may be what comes with the Rayven, probably not but who knows. I hope to see in the near future.

What is This?

Well some new blasters check out these NOT FINAL pictures I have found over at Urban Taggers.

So first we have this “Rayven CS-18” looks like it may be nerf’s answer to the call for a sub-machine gun with a Barricade and Firefly thrown in there. It appears to take 4 AA Batteries to fire and another 3 to power the clip. I am most interested in this blaster out of the four.This blaster was first rumored a few weeks ago and now we may have a name for it the “Speedswarm” it appears to work just as it looks it a fully automatic handgun (a mini swarmfire). Though if you haven’t yet noticed this is NOT FINAL.
This next one looks pretty cool. It simply appears to be a thunderstorm with a drum magazine. Notice it is again fully auto and comes with some sort of a face shield.
Finally we have something of an odd gun, It simply appears to be an all orange Praxis with a 20 round clip it is called the Vortex Lumitron, but because you may still be having a hard time understanding, this is NOT FINAL 🙂 .There you have it four possible future nerf blasters just remember this is NOT FINAL!!