Official Nerf Demo Videos

The Pyragon:

The Hailfire:

The  Rampage:

The Retaliator:

Thanks to SG Nerf for the Youtube format of these videos.

Source: Hasbro Website
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Nerf N-Strike Elite Update

SG Nerf has gotten his hands on an N-Strike Elite Rampage and showed us what the internals look like, this blaster that looked so much like a N-Strike Raider to my excitement has a direct plunger system. I cant wait to mod one myself. Link

Also VasTheStampede over at Foam From Above received a package the other day containing both the N-Strike Elite Retaliator and Rampage! Below is him firing the Retaliator, it sure seems to perform well.

Nerf also posted an “official picture” of the N-Strike Elite Hailfire a while back via their Facebook Page.

Nerf N-Strike Elite Video and More

Recently nerf officially released a video showcasing blasters from the past and previewing blasters yet to come. There calling this years launch their biggest EVER. This seems to be the same video that was showing at the Toy Fair in New York a couple weeks ago.

Not only do we see two N-Strike Elite blasters that had already been leaked but also a new blaster called “The Hailfire”. Nerf claims it to be the “pinnacle of nerf innovation”. Neo Creations has also created a concept of the Hailfire that they modeled after what is shown in the video directly below. It looks to me like they did a great job.

The Hailfire as Shown in the Video Above


What The Hailfire may Look Like