Halo Style Sharpshot Paintjob

Finally Finished my Sharpshot paintjob, and I think it looks really nice with my other 2 Halo style Nerf guns. I may put LED’s in it in the future, but I think its all good for now.



So as you know, I’ve been doing some Halo-like paintjobs on my Recon and Longstrike-my issue now is if I should do a pistol to match. Right now I have a nicely modded NiteFinder that I would like to do a paintjob on, but I’m stuck! I can’t decide if I should do a paintjob to match my Recon and Longstrike, or, my other choice is to try to make it into a custom DL-44 blaster from Star Wars-te type of blaster that Han Solo uses. Which do you guys want to see?