N-Strike Elite Leaked Photos!!

N-Strike Elite Barricade?

N-Strike Elite Hailfire

N-Strike Elite Rampage

Nerf N-strike Elite blaster listings have been recently leaked on a German website. We see all the blasters before leaked, a new barricade style blaster that has yet to be named, and pics of the N-Strike Elite Hailfire!!

N-Strike Elite Retaliator

5 thoughts on “N-Strike Elite Leaked Photos!!

  1. The hail fire looks unstoppable!!!!!!!
    I looks like an automatic fire blaster because of the smaller trigger under the trigger like on the Vortex Nitron.

    James Israelson

  2. the hail fire is only semi auto like the rayven, also imagin it with 8 of the extended 18 clip mags lol

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