New N-Strike Elite Rumors (Now Confirmed)

A new rumor has risen at Urban Taggers. It is a rumor of new “N-Strike Elite” blasters that boast 75ft ranges. I expect them to be released at the toy fair coming up. I wonder if this could be a new internal system in “old blaster shells” or if these new darts could be what effects the ranges.

   First we have one that appears to look like a “Super Raider” or maybe an “Elite Raider” that is called The Rampage. It comes with a new 25 round drum, new stock, and possibly a blast shield as shown in the following two pics.

   This next “Elite Blaster” appears to be a redone Recon with a higher capacity clip, a new front grip, and a nice new stock. They call it The Retaliator, I especially like the look of this one.

   It appears by the following picture that this may be nerf’s first universal dart that can be used in a variety of blasters, obviously none of this is confirmed yet. 

9 thoughts on “New N-Strike Elite Rumors (Now Confirmed)

  1. wheres the priming grip on the elite recon. if it’s still in the original spot then it must be smaller.

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  5. I’m really hoping I can remove the internals from the Rampage and stick them in a stock Alpha Trooper. The AT is far superior in my view primarily because of weight distribution and the subsequent mobility.

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