Nerf Rayven CS-18 Review

The Nerf Rayven is one of two new nerf blasters that utilize “firefly tech” to make your darts/discs glow. This new system simply uses a battery powered clip to charge the darts while being fired. Though mostly novelty it’s kinda cool but not really worth the batteries in my opinion. Though the blaster itself may be one of my favorites.

The Rayven when running on full power can achieve a max range of only about 35 ft. but offers a voltage modding  potential that is hard to pass up. Like the Barricade the Rayven is a semi-automatic flywheel system blaster but it both shoots farther and more reliably then it.  The new clip is performs similarly to the standard 18 dart clips with the exception that it has the ability to make darts glow. Other than that I find it feeds about as consistently as standard 18 dart clips.

I’ve been very impressed with the Rayven, it has decent stock ranges, a nice rate of fire, and reliable performance. I would say it is worth the cost of about 30.00 USD and can perform better than many other clip fed blasters before it.

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