Nerf Maverick Drop Out Barrel Mod

You may have noticed that to reload a Maverick takes some time, usually longer than the time you have available in the middle of the war. With this mod, my goal was to eliminate that time drastically. What you need is two Mavericks, or, in my case, I bought one of the double Maverick packs.

First, you need to take your Maverick apart, then knock out the pin in the center of the barrel and take the back off that.  When you get that done, take this piece, that was at the front of the barrel, and cut it as shown with a dremel tool.


Now you can slide that piece back in place on the metal rod; that’s all we’re going to be doing with it. Next, right behind that piece, you need to take the spring from the tactical rail and slide it on right behind that gray piece, like this:

Next, go to the piece that you took off the back of the barrel assembly.

When you flip this piece over, you need to take out the two small silver screws.

Now just leave out the grey piece and put it back together.

Now put the rod back through it, put the rest of the Maverick back together, and your good to go! just do the same thing to the barrel assembly on the other Maverick, and all you have to do to reload is drop one barrel out, snap the next one in.


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