Nerf Quick 16 Review

The Nerf Dart Tag 2.0’s slam fire blaster the quick 16 costs about $27.99 Canadian and is available wherever nerf guns are sold.

In the box you will find the nerf quick 16, 16 of the new tagger darts, and an instruction manual.

To load this gun you take the dart, and feed the dart with two fingers into the internal clip. Continue this until your clip meets its maximum capacity indicated by the magazines MAX-> sign. Tagger darts work the best in this blaster but whistler darts work well too. On the opposite side of the loading slot sits a VERY useful jam door which can be opened when the blaster is primed. A nice feature the quick 16 has is that you can load darts into the magazine while the blaster is ready to fire, allowing you to reload without removing your darts from the blaster. This gun looks like it should have a stock or at least be stock compatible but it is not, as well there are no tactical rails for n-strike accessories. So in my opinion they are really trying to push the Dart Tag 2.0 series out as its own independent line by not making any of the new blasters compatible with n-strike attachments.

The Nerf Dart Tag Quick 16 is a slam fire blaster BUT in our experiences using this blaster when you slam fire too quickly the blaster will jam frequently. But when slowly slam firing or single firing this gun it performs adequately. Hitting very steady and consistent ranges of 25-30 feet. NOTE:THIS BLASTER WILL NOT FIRE STREAMLINE DARTS.
So in conclusion this is a fantastic quick blaster for the experienced nerf player, one who knows how to un-jam their gun, and what darts to use and what darts not to use, I dont recommend this blaster for a young nerf player due to its reputation of having frequent jams.


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