Nerf Dart Tag Swarmfire Review

The Nerf Swarmfire is the complete package. With its Stampede like rate of fire and 20 dart compacity it has out done the Fury fire plus more. It has a removable stock and the new Nerf Dart Tag paint job not to mention the 20 new velcro darts it comes with.

This powerhouse shoots aproximity 3 darts a second and features a cleaverly placed on/off switch. The Swarmfire takes 6 C batterys and although the blaster seemed heavy at first once I got the feel for it I found that its wasn’t to bad. It shoots an average distance of 30-35 feet.

With all these awesome things I have to say about the Swarmfire there must be a fault and that is accuracy. Seeing as it has no barrel to control the dart it makes sense that this blaster would be inaccurate. To tell the truth though it wasnt any where as bad as I expected. Over all this blaster holds it’s ground against big competition; the Stampede Ecs the and the Vortex Nitron although the Swarmfire does not shot as far or as accurate as these fully automatic guns it does have things that they don’t. If you like you like breaching or the “Spray and Pray” tactic this gun was made for you! As i have also found when the blaster is held vertically with the rotating head facing down, other than the odd time, no darts fall out of the end which i believe is a small yet effective improvement.

I know this gun is definetly a major part of my Nerf arsenal and should be to yours to. Although it is my personal primary I never take it out without a long range blaster because of the issues stated earlier, yet it still tops my list of one of the best Nerf blasters because you can put just  about any darts in it, other than streamline.

In conclusion this is the ultimate close range room clearing blaster and hopefully it will be in your hands when the words “Ready Set Nerf” come blasting through your earlobes.


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