Nerf Dart Tag Sharp Shot Review

The New Nerf Sharp Shot  only costs about $9.99 USD and it really packs a punch for its size and price. Externally it performs much like the Nerf Element; it has only a single shot with extra dart holders on the gun. It shoots about 20 feet flat straight out of the box. This gun will shoot any dart with the exception of streamline darts and features a very sleek priming handle and a great paint scheme. It comes with a quick release belt clip that works  but is not an overly smooth system. This blaster is very accurate; We tested its accuracy by shooting a 4 inch cup from 25 feet away and we hit it on the second shot. The Sharp Shot is more difficult to modify than guns like the Element and Nite Finder. It uses a system more similar to the maverick. I think that this gun beats the Nite Finder is cosmetics and almost in range. In conclusion just dont overlook this blaster because of its size, its a deadly weapon in the right hands.

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