Alpha Trooper CS-18 vs Raider CS-35

A big question we have been getting lately is which is better… The Alpha Trooper or the  Raider. Hopefully this will clear up any questions you have about which blaster to purchase.

First the Alpha Trooper CS-18


  • Smoother Running Slam Fire
  • Doesn’t Jam as much
  • It blends with the rest of the N-Strike Line much better
  • Shoots Farther then the Raider
  • Has less mis-fires (when the dart falls out the end of the barrel)
  • Much Lighter and easier to handle
  • Only costs $18.99


  • Doesn’t come with a stock
  • Only available at Target
  • The drum is much smaller and only holds 18 darts

Next the Nerf Raider CS-35


  • Comes with an extendable stock
  • Includes a 35 dart drum
  • Available anywhere Nerf guns are sold


  • Jams ALOT more than the Alpha Trooper
  • Costs $39.99
  • Doesn’t shoot nearly as far
  • Almost every 5-10 shots 1 or 2 of the darts nearly falls from the barrel at your feet

So in the end the Alpha Trooper is defenetly the way to go due to its low price, performance and overall cosmetics. The only problem is if you dont like shopping online and you dont liver near a Target. You will have a hard time getting your hands on one. Hopefully we will do a video caparison of the two blasters to give you a more effective way to compare these two rapid fire blasters.




5 thoughts on “Alpha Trooper CS-18 vs Raider CS-35

  1. “Almost every 5-10 shots 1 or 2 of the darts nearly falls from the barrel at your feet”..

    Really? I’ve been using the raider and I have never encountered such problem. Able to pawn unwary longstrike users on the field with this blaster. The Alpha on the other hand tends to jam more frequently if you do not push the handle all the way to the front.

  2. Man u r so correct alpha trooper is way better thank you for joining the alpha trooper vote to see wich slam fire gun is the best

  3. Peter griffin you retarded idiot raider sucks alpha trooper is awesome it shoots bloomin far and raider only goes a metre so BOOYAH!!!

  4. First they had longstrike vs longshot and now THIS?! Things these days are a total disaster deciding on what you want but nerf rocks so yeeeaaahh

  5. Dont know what u talking about… My CS-35: 15-20 Meters, Absolut no jamming (but crippels my darts by cutting them sometimes). Just ordered a tuningkit and thinking about a sealed metallbarrel.

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