Nerf Vortex Vigilon Review

The Nerf Vortex Vigilon is a truly an impressive blaster. It comes with five XLR discs and was primarily designed to be a secondary weapon. It holds a max of 6 shots in it’s internal clip and another in the chamber. The maverick is a weapon frequently compared to the Vigilon; I personally prefer this newer vortex blaster over the older maverick.

The Vigilon achieves ranges of about it claimed 65ft but is only effective up to 45ft. due to the curving of the discs it uses. This is one gun that never jams, instead the cocking mech only locks up. When you have it lock up all you must do is pull a switch on the side and it again operates at optimal level. I do find the discs do travel very slowly and can often be dodged by other players in nerf wars. The r.o.f. is obviously only as fast as you can prime it and fire it in succession but make note that cocking it is VERY easy.

I would recommend the Vigilon for use but it wont always match larger blasters that have a much higher ammo capacity. I advise it only be used as a secondary or in combination with another blaster.



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