What is This?

Well some new blasters check out these NOT FINAL pictures I have found over at Urban Taggers.

So first we have this “Rayven CS-18” looks like it may be nerf’s answer to the call for a sub-machine gun with a Barricade and Firefly thrown in there. It appears to take 4 AA Batteries to fire and another 3 to power the clip. I am most interested in this blaster out of the four.This blaster was first rumored a few weeks ago and now we may have a name for it the “Speedswarm” it appears to work just as it looks it a fully automatic handgun (a mini swarmfire). Though if you haven’t yet noticed this is NOT FINAL.
This next one looks pretty cool. It simply appears to be a thunderstorm with a drum magazine. Notice it is again fully auto and comes with some sort of a face shield.
Finally we have something of an odd gun, It simply appears to be an all orange Praxis with a 20 round clip it is called the Vortex Lumitron, but because you may still be having a hard time understanding, this is NOT FINAL 🙂 .There you have it four possible future nerf blasters just remember this is NOT FINAL!!


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