OMW Submission #1

My first submission to the Orange Mod Works Design Contest is the Phoenix ACS-15. It is an air powered clip system weapon, performing similarly to the Magstrike. It features a flashlight, a new style clip system, an extendable stock,  and you pump it with the stock like a titan.As I previously mentioned you pump it with the stock and it stores the air in the front of the gun, from their when you pull the trigger it releases the air bringing it to the direct plunger system which then fires the darts which are sealed due to the new clip design that I’ll explain next.

Finally the new clip fires a short dart that consists of a long rubber tip and small foam body. The clip itself is loaded by pulling a switch along the length of the clip it will move the piece upon which the darts rest. Now slide it down and insert the darts through the front of the clip. The clip should hold about 15 darts. When put in the gun it slides between to rubber O-rings sealing the clip in and making the best use of the air that will be coming through. The clip also features a stronger loading spring so that it may feed fast enough for the blaster. That is my first submission.

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