New Nerf Blaster?

Ok, so we haven’t heard anything about any new blasters since the Vortex blasters, and usually someone gets one or two early if there is one coming out soon-but so far we haven’t heard anything, not even rumors, that there is a new Nerf blaster coming out soon, and yet Nerf Nation on Facebook just said yesterday afternoon: “Get those eyelids opened wide, Nation! We’ll be posting details on a new, exclusive Nerf blaster tomorrow around 3pm EST right here on the Facebook Wall. Is it Thursday yet?” Ideas anyone? Vortex do you think, or maybe Dart Tag or N-Strike? Or maybe we have seen it-a picture of a blaster was released on Nerf Mods an Reviews-something like a Swarmfire, only more compact and only 10 shots. Could that be it?

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