Contest Time!!

A new contest has been put in place by the guys over at Orange Mod Works-here’s the description straight from their forum: “Description: Fans can submit pictures of their best original blaster designs, both external designs and internal workings. Picture(s) deemed the winner wins prize. One winner per category (internal and external designs) will be selected by the Orange Mod Works team. Runners-up may be selected for strong entries that do not win the grand prize.

Rules and Regulations: Pictures must be submitted to the Orange Mod Works forums, in the appropriate contest thread (namely, this thread). The contest will be held entirely on the forum. All submissions must be sent here, or they will not be considered valid entries.

External design pictures must be hand-drawn.

Internal design pictures can be hand-drawn or computer-generated.

As for the prizes, well, I’m sure everyone out there wants and OMW kit, so the prizes being offered is a choice between a fully assembled Recon with all kits available for it, or a non-expiring gift card to the OMW store!


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