Orange Mod Works: Alpha Trooper Stage 1 Modding Kit

Orange Mod Works has now released their new Alpha Trooper Mod Kit Stage 1. It’s a new impressive set of various stainless steel replacement internals for superior power and a stronger build. The Stage 1 kit includes:

– 6mm Stainless steel trigger catch

– 1mm Stainless steel reinforcement plate

– .75kg Trigger catch spring (.365kg stock)

– 6kg fire compression spring (2.5kg stock)

When installed correctly the blaster should achieve:

70fps muzzle velocity with 50ft range (parallel to ground)

70fps muzzle velocity with 70ft range (30 degrees angled to ground)

Do not dry fire your blaster upon installation of the Stage 1 Kit.

Order the Stage 1 Kit on their website for $ 18.99 USD Link


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