Nerf vs Buzz Bee

Nerf and Buzz Bee are the two leading foam dart gun manufacturers in the world, but which is better? Their are  people like us here at nerfboyz who prefer Nerf guns over Buzz Bee, but their are people who feel the exact opposite.

Nerf has more of a durable feel then buzz bee  and also has more selection in most stores. Also most of buzz bee’s clip fed guns have shells you have t load the dart into then put that into the clip then shoot, which makes reloading a pain. Nerf also reaches out to ALL kinds of categories and age groups. You have the ‘sports’ which consists of footballs, and basketball nets which have an estimated age group of 6 to 16. You have the ‘Dart Tag’ Line which is now reaching  out to much older people because they are designed to shoot other people in wars. Those have an age range of about 8 to 40. ( I say 40 because at some of our wars we have adults their as well) The ‘N-Strike’  line which wasn’t originally made for wars but it has now become one of  if not THE most popular branch of  Nerf  with an age range of 8 to 40. The ‘N-Force’ swords ,battle axes, etc. are used in ALL branches of Nerf. Dart Tag, N-Strike and Super Soaker. N-Force has the same age range as Dart Tag and N-Strike with 8 to 40. The ‘Super Soaker’ line is spreading fast as one of the more popular types of nerf guns over the summer and in the winter people are changing them into nerf guns. So Super Soaker is one of the most adaptable and efficient branches of Nerf yet. Ages range from 6 to 30. Nerf also has 2 Nerf Video games out as well as a few target shooting games such as the tech Target 2.

In June 2010 Hasbro sued Buzz Bee for coping one of Nerf’s Super Soaker ideas. Hasbro won the case and the right to a certain Super Soaker.

In 2010 Nerf won ‘Toy of the Year”.In 2011 Nerf  won ” Boy Toy of the Year” and “Outdoor Toy of the Year”

Nerf products are available for purchase at Walmart, Toys R Us, Target,, Ebay, Amazon and some various Pawn/Thrift Shops nationwide.

In the end we dont hate or even dislike buzz bee at all but when it comes to durability, quality, reliability, and overall performance Nerf has the edge over Buzz Bee, Lanard, and all other Dart blaster companies.

7 thoughts on “Nerf vs Buzz Bee

  1. as a all round nerf player i have to agree. nerf have build quality and more power/speed per shot making them a nicer gun set. they also tend to be most popular painted as the unusual designs open more possibilities. saying that buzz bee make nicer authentic looking guns for the fans of that or people who want a painted toy replica of a real gun

  2. If you want a dart gun that last longer, try a nerf gun. they are both cool , but nerf is a little better

  3. I prefer nerf more than buzzebee
    I mean like seriously who the hell likes
    Buzzebee well
    Buzzbee 👎
    Nerf 👍👍👍👍👍

  4. I personally like nerf better than buzzbee, but you guys are underestimating buzzbee. There system with using cartrige as holders offers more opportunity for sustain fire like a belt-feed automatic gun that can hold more rounds than nerf, have a lighter and more compact magazine and still deliver extreme long range fire. With or without cartriges, you still have to load the darts in a holder one by one. Despite all of this, Buzzbee I have found to have guns more reliable than some nerf guns. My tetra strike never jams, shoots four rounds single or all together, and shoots far, while my Quik 16 N-Strike jams 24/7 and shoots maybe 30 ft. All in all, Nerf wins in my opinion in reliability and quality but buzzbee can go toe to toe and even win some. It depends on what gun.

  5. I like Buzz bee more than NERF because in NERF only certain darts can go in blasters meanwhile in buzzbee any buzzbee dart can go into any buzzbee blaster and buzzbee can shoot nerf darts too

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