Orange Mod Works: Recon Modding A-Z

Orange Mod Works has now released their new Recon Mod Kit Stage 1. It`s a new impressive set of stainless steel pieces for superior power and a stronger build. The Stage 1 kit includes:

-Trigger Catch

-Trigger Catch Spring With 2x the Strength

-Reinforcement Plate

-6+ kg load spring (more than 2x the power)Order the Stage one Kit on their website. Link

Also available for pre-order is a second stage kit which is simply for additional power and a far more rugged overall blaster. The stage 2 kit includes:

– Orange Breech

– Bolt sled

– Plunger

– O-ring

Watch this video to see the Stage 1 Mod Kit in action…

Also download their free 58 page A-Z mod guide for the Nerf Recon CS-6. There are more modding kits coming soon!


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