Recon Mod Guide

As always, you need to take your blaster apart first.

Now take out the bolt sled assembly.

When you look down the barrel, it is all closed up.

We need to change that. Using a 1/2 drill bit, drill out the inside of the barrel until you can cleanly see through the entire barrel.

Notice the holes in the side of the barrel.

Those need to be closed up, since they are letting out a lot of air, so, take some tape and close those holes up.

Now go to the spring.

If you stretch it out, it will put more pressure behind the shot.

And there you have it! A complete mod guide for your Nerf Recon.
*With the air restrictor removed, the plunger tube may break. Put some soft fabric in the back of it to make sure that it won’t break as easily.

3 thoughts on “Recon Mod Guide

  1. Have you ever TRIED your mod? The stretched out spring won’t cock, so the gun won’t even load. Now my plunger’s jammed because I actually got it to latch, so I must ask:


  2. Nice mod! Here is a few things you can do. Replace the spring with a stronger one (like the one sold on the orange mod works website) and you can also convert the recon into a M4 carbine (if you can)
    Regards, HKnerfer (

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