Super Soaker Scatter Blast Review

As summer approaches in the Northern Hemisphere so comes the release of  the new Nerf Super Soaker Scatter Blast. The Scatter Blast is one of the five Super Soakers released this year (2011). It is one of the less versatile of the five of them but features a good water capacity and has impressive  firepower. As with all the new Super Soakers it features the same whithe, navy, and orange color scheme.

   The Scatter blast fires five continuous streams of water in a shotgun style blast when fired. It can fire 15-20 ft. but is difficult to range test due to the spread of the water as it flies through the air. To operate simply pump the blaster via the shotgun style pump, it will fire automatically, it has no trigger.

The Scatter Blast is a sufficient weapon. It is made rugged and reliable. It packs a good soaking punch and can be fired very fast. I would recommend it to those who want a lighter high quality weapon that has good ranges and impressive firepower.


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