Vulcan Mod Guide

First off, take apart the back part of the gun-the barrel is a separate piece than the rest of the gun.

Carefully pull the wire that leads to the battery housing on the other half out of its slot, avoiding breaking the wire, so that you can move the other half to give you more room.

Now, take out the two screws that are in the little orange piece.

When that piece is removed, remove all the little screws holding the large white piece in place.

There are three in this picture above
Also, there are three near the bottom side of it, which we do not have clear photos of(sorry).
When you take that white piece off, it should look like this underneath:

Now you need to remove the three screws in this white triangular piece:

Now that that piece is off, work out the plunger tube.

Take out those two screws. I am not sure about the older model Vulcans, but in this one, those two pieces were glued together, so I just cut it open with a dremel tool.

From the inside, it should look similar to this:

(I hacked away a bit at this piece before the photo was taken, so yours should look a little different)
Now you need to cut away all the things tat can reduce the air flow.

Now you can put the screws back in, and, if you had to cut it open, use some hot glue to seal it shut.

You should be able to see clearly all the way through the plunger tube now.

Now your modifications are all done; once you slide the plunger tube back into place, put all of the little white pieces back into place, and close up the shell, your Vulcan should get almost 2 times, if not more, the range that it did!
*Note: When closing up the shell, we left the barrel assembly off; it seems to actually slow the darts down, provides no accuracy, and adds quite a bit of weight, but it is your decision whether or not to put it back on.

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