Nerf Spectre REV-5 Review

The Nerf Spectre REV -5  that I picked up on vacation in Florida at Walmart for 16.99

In the box you will find the blaster, the barrel extension, the fold able stock, and 5 Nerf  Whistler Darts.

The Gun fully assembled

All in all this is a huge improvement to its cousin the Maverick REV-6 due to the stock compatibility, barrel extension,  and overall performance.

The Nerf Spectre performs excellently in all scenarios. It is one of the most accurate guns I have ever shot. With the Barrel extension on it shoots 31-38 feet with the barrel angled at a extremely slight arc. Without the Barrel extension it shoots 34-43 feet at a slight arc. This Gun is an amazing gun that I recommend for anyone.

If you are going to modify this blaster I recommend a spring stretch and possibly an AR Removal.

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