Maverick REV-6 Mod Guide

This is just a simple little guide of how to modify your Maverick REV-6.

As usual, start with your stock Maverick and take it apart.

Now take out the barrel assembly.

Knock out the ping that goes through the center.

Unscrew the three screws at the end that you don’t load the darts in.

When you take that part out, it should look like this:

Take off all those little orange pieces and the black pieces and springs beneath them.

You can throw out the springs and black pieces; you don’t need them. Next, snip off the the pins on the orange pieces and cut out the middle.

You can put those away for now, but don’t get rid of them. Take this piece

and take out the two little silver screws, so that you have this piece:

Now just shave off the 2 little nubs along the edge so that it’s smooth:

Now you can put the two little screws back in and go to the other piece at the front of the barrel assembly:

Shave off the little curved piece, as shown here:

Once that is shaved down smooth, you can put everything back together and seal up the outer casing. Your Maverick will now shoot about twice as far and you can open up the chamber much farther.


6 thoughts on “Maverick REV-6 Mod Guide

  1. this helps
    i think that you guys should put up more mod guides and internal pictures
    (just a note: you might want to use a white background, just sayin)

  2. lol great guide but my nerf gun when i shoot the bullets come out the enf of barrel real slow and fall to ground instantly.

  3. After i did this my barrel is really wobbly and gets stuck but i did not use this guid to do it i did it on my own

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