Nerf Rapid Fire AS-20 Review

The Nerf AS-20 is a very impressive gun; it was originally produced in 2001 in an older navy blue and red color scheme but then was later updated to a yellow, orange, and black N-Strike color scheme. With a massive intimidation factor, the AS-20 is a weapon few like to encounter in a Nerf war. When I first purchased this blaster, it was far larger and bulkier than I expected, but the performance also exceeded my expectations. To prime the AS-20 you must first pump it (via the front pump handle). As recommended in the manual, 30-35 pumps will get you a full 20 dart burst. The gun utilizes a unique feature: two firing modes an automatic firing mode in which the blaster fires 20 darts in rapid succession and single fire when the trigger is pulled it still fires in full auto but decreases the rate of fire significantly, to save more ammo. To change firing modes simply turn the knob on the left side of the blaster.

The AS-20 performs similarl to the Magstrike AS-10, with the exception of improved ammo capacity and it is far easier to aim. The AS-20, as previously stated requires 30 -35 pumps compared to the Magstrike’s 27 pumps, and I personally find the three too eight extra pumps worth the improved 20 dart ammo capacity. The Magstrike was difficult to fire in bursts due to the rising of the clip thus making it more difficult to aim, another improvement.

The AS-20 fires in rapid fire mode approximately 6 darts per second at a range of 25-30 feet, and is great for clearing rooms and smaller spaces, and is ideal for ambush and bunker assault purposes. Overall The Rapid Fire AS-20 is a great weapon and is worth the $ 25.00 USD it costs. With a great intimidation factor and impressive performance I find the AS-20 a great weapon for any Nerf war.

4 thoughts on “Nerf Rapid Fire AS-20 Review

  1. OMG 25 $ … pretty unfair. It costs around 60 $ or more here in Europe. Still i love the design and im looking fwd to my delivery 🙂

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