Nerf Alpha Trooper CS-18 Review

The Alpha Trooper CS-18 is a truly impressive gun: great ranges stock, a good rate of fire, a high ammo capacity, and stealthy design.

As I previously stated I am impressed by this gun, it sells for 19.99 USD. Out of the box it comes with a new 18 dart drum and the gun, the gun itself is compatible with most N-strike stocks and tactical rail attachments, though it is not capable of hosting barrel extensions. This gun achieves 30-40 ft. stock ranges and is effective right out of the box. Being the second of the N-Strike range to utilize slam fire the Alpha Trooper can achieve a initially higher R.O.F. than most other clip system blasters and it’s internals in this way are very similar to a Raider’s, with the exception that they are placed in a vertical format rather than a horizontal one.

The Alpha Trooper is often referred to as the best of both the Recon and the Raider, except that I find the Alpha Trooper far more reliable than either. As shown in the following pictures the Alpha Trooper’s 18 dart drum is less than half the size of the Raider’s 35 dart drum and can actually hold a max load of  20 darts, a great capacity for something so small and light.

Finally, the gun itself is fairly well balanced and is thinner than all other current N-Strike Clip System blasters (hence the lack of barrel extension compatibility). I would highly recommend this blaster and find it to be one of the best 2010 released blasters!!

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