3 Underrated Nerf guns

1. Firefly REV-8: once modified properly, it can make for a great gun. Most people overlook it due to its low price of  about $19.99 USD and unique appearance. It is larger than a maverick and has similar internals, though it can hold almost 3x the darts.

2. Maverick REV-6: many people love this gun, it’s basic simplicity and cheap price but many believe it’s just for up close battles; however, if you modify it correctly, it can achieve impressive ranges and makes a good medium  range weapon (though it depends on your range classification).

3. Raider CS-35: again many people love this gun, but also many people hate it due to the fact that when you are firing, some darts just fall out the end and jams are frequent. That may get annoying, but what the raider doesn’t have in reliability it makes up for through immense ammo capacity and R.O.F.

2 thoughts on “3 Underrated Nerf guns

  1. Awesome, it’s nice to hear some recognition for the Firefly! With the basic mods, my firefly has become my favorite gun.

  2. I have to agree on the firefly. I it was one of the first three blasters I modded and is still in my top five ever. It gets great ranges, has a good rate of fire, and its a comfy blasters to use.

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