New York Toy Fair 2011 – Pictures

The following pictures are of products at the Hasbro Toy Fair currently going on in New York. They have released information on the new Dart Tag, Super Soaker, N-Force, and N-strike weapons. Including another set of paint jobs on the N-Strike blasters, the latest weapons from Super Soaker, the four new Dart Tag blasters, new nerf apparel, and the latest melee weapons from N-force including the new Vantage Sword, Klaw Hatchet, and the new Vendetta  double bladed sword. New movie tie-in products have also been released to the public including the new “Thor” weapons, Transformer blasters and Star Wars foam dart blasters and masks. No more information on the new “top secret” Vortex blaster line though. Go to Foam From Above for updates.



Thanks to Foam From Above and Action Figure Times for the pictures.


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