Grenade Launcher

I made a grenade launcher that doesn’t really need to be mounted on your gun but it can.The materials you need are: Inch and a quarter plumbing pipe, a spring from a Nerf gun, a metal clothes hanger,a drill with an inch and a quarter hole saw bit, duct tape, a big washer and pliers.

First you unscrew the bottom end of the pipe and put a washer that is big enough so it stays in place..screw the piece back on.. next drill a inch and a quarter circle in a piece of wood.. then drill a hole in the wood…bend and cut the clothes hanger with a finger hole in one end… put the spring into the pipe…wedge the piece of wood on the end of the spring feed the straight end of the clothes hanger up from the bottom of the pipe up through and through the spring and the hole in the wood..bend the clothes hanger so it doesn’t come out… now you should be done.. you can use whatever you want for ammo but the ammo I chose were small sowing yarn wheel.. 3 of them fit down the tube and it shoots all 3 at one time.


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