Nerf Longstrike CS-6 Mod Guide

The Nerf Longstrike CS-6 is arguably one of the best looking blasters ever to be produced, though with that appearance doesn’t come performance, this is a mod guide that increases the overall range and practicality of this blaster. You will need:

-A Long Nail (optional)

– A dremel tool

– A hammer

– A Drill (with bit over 10 inches long)

– A philips screwdriver

– A flat-head screwdriver

A.R. (Air Restrictor) Removal

You must first start by taking the hammer or flat head screwdriver and  pry the cocking bolt apart as shown in the pictures below.

Upon removing the cocking bolt you then must unscrew each of the screws in the main part of the blaster (not the barrel extension or stock) and then carefully take the top half off, the internals should look like this:

Now remove the bolt sled assembly from the blaster as in the following picture, then using either the drill or the hammer and long nail knock/drill out the AR so you can see through the entire chamber as in the third picture below.

After removing the air restrictor attempt to refrain from dry firing the blaster as much as possible as to keep it in optimal condition.  Another good precaution is to pad the plunger tube of the blaster with felt pads commonly used to keep furniture from scratching floors as shown in the pictures below.

Removable Stock mod

Taking the stock off the still open longstrike use the dremel tool to cut the extending pieces on the end of it normally inside the blaster as in the following pictures. The Longstrike stock should now be removable.



Clip Lock Removal

This next mod is to make it so that a clip of any type may be loaded and unloaded either with the cocking bolt forward or back all that must be done is merely remove the lock inside the gun specified in the picture below.

Spring Strech

This final and most basic mod is a simple spring stretch that will extend the overall range of the Longstrike all you do is firmly grasp each end of the spring and pull hard and upon doing this the springs overall length will increase as illustrated in the following two pictures.Your Mods are now complete assure all internals are correctly placed and put the top half of the blaster back on, screw together, and begin firing. Enjoy!


56 thoughts on “Nerf Longstrike CS-6 Mod Guide

  1. I am in the process of modding my longstrike- Everything is fine except the fact that I cant remove the top half of the gun to get to the mechanism. I have checked and removed all the screws, but nothing will prise it in half. What should I do?

  2. I found out that the inner barrel inside the mechanism housing is glued to the mechanism housing!!!! AAAAAAAH! I don’t know what to do-any ideas?

    • Dalekseth It happened to my gun too because you have the newer version of the long-strike just like me, your gonna have to use man power or just use a screw diver and try to put it in between the gun where the glue is on and try to remove, pry it upwards.

  3. Dalekseth It happened to my gun too because you have the newer version of the long-strike just like me, your gonna have to use man power or just use a screw diver and try to put it in between the gun where the glue is on and try to remove, pry it upwards.

  4. Thanks guys- I eventually cut through the plastic with a scalpel (Hard work!) to pry open the gun. I have modded it, but with the barrel on for me it has no effect. Without the barrel it shoots an extra 7 feet or so, so its good news on that front!

  5. hmmm. I removed my AR with a hammer and a drill bit, I’ve also added a raider spring and it went around 60 -70ft, but now its super load and i’m worried it’ll break,how do you cushion it?

    • you can use some felt fabric and glue it to the inside of the plunger tube at the back, or you can wait and buy the OMW stage 2 kit for the longstrike with the metal plunger tube

    • hey man try this mod pack will get 100+fps out ya longstrike little pricey but worth it.[]

  6. So i did the mod and put everything together. when i load the dart meaning i pull the action back and then push forward the trigger will not shoot the gun i can pull it but its like i never cocked it. Please help me out!

    • The gun should operate fine, assure you have aligned all the pieces correctly. If that doesn’t work check that no pieces were damaged or broken during the mod. Refer to the pics for help. I may update this guide soon to provide additional information.

  7. i have the the same problem the gun cocks fine but when i shoot there is no release of the dart? what releases the spring to shoot?

  8. I was worried about drilling out the air restrictor. I felt the long spike that sticks into the dart helps the dart fly straight. On close inspection it does not have to be removed at all.
    The AR has three holes that allow air to pass from the plunger to the dart. The holes are held closed by a small spring restricting the air flow on firing. The holes open though on cocking the gun, to allow air to easily pass into the pressure chamber. All you need to do is to keep the holes open.
    Use a very small piece of Blu-Tack or similar. Then using a long and very thin stick (I used a metal barbeque skewer) place the small piece of Blu-Tack on one of the three small points sticking up on the AR. This done by putting the skewer down the barrel of the gun, there is no need to undo anything at all, the gun only needs to have the clip removed and cocked. It helps if the empty clip chamber is facing a light source to make it easier to see what is happening. Try pressing on one of the three points before placing the tack to see how it works and what you need to do.
    Place just enough tack to keep the AR open. Too much and the tack will start restricting the air flow too. And best of all if you make a mistake the tack can be removed and you can try again.

  9. Followed all the steps and put it back together correctly, but for some reason it doesn’t shoot as far as it did before the mod!

    Any tips?

  10. I did not do the drill out mod as it seemed too drastic. That’s why I looked into how the AR operated. The difference we got from the blu-tack approach is about an extra 5 metres. The spring stretch only seemed to work for a short time as the spring seemed to return to it’s original length. I have tried the blu-tack on other Nerfs but it did not change their performance as much. But they were more powerful to start with.

  11. So my brother decided he was going to mod his Longstrike sc-6 but when he opened it a part popped out and now we have no clue where it goes. its very small maybe 1/2×1/2 little square with a little tab on one side. We put it together without this part, but the gun wont fire so im assuming this parts is rather important. Does anyone have a clue what this part is and where it goes? i can send a picture if needed.

    • As it says below, it is the Air Restrictor. What it seems to do is allow air into the plunger when you cock the gun so that it is filled up. When you pull the trigger only a certain amount of air can then escape as the plunger is forced back towards the bullet. The idea is that by having the AR open more air will hit the bullet faster making it go further.

  12. I find that you can achieve at least a 20% – 30% increase in range if you no not apply the extended barrel on the front. I believe that the added friction that the extension gives against the projectile whilst firing, reduces the range. This is from personal experience.


  13. People are complaining that there Longstrike’s broke and well that’s your fault you choose to mod it at your own risk. little off topic but I accidently broke my nerf Stampede but lucky i had another one. But i really want a Longstrike almost have enough money to buy one and thanks for the modding I help I will use this when I get mine.

    sorry about the long post

  14. My son took his apart, and now it won’t go back together. All the vids seem to make it seem you just press the shell together, but the internals don’t just line up magically. He’s very upset (age 10). How do you align the internals to reassemble it?

    • To put the longstrike together you must put the internals in in the correct order, and at times use force to get a part where you need it. It is difficult to explain in what order to put the pieces into the gun as most of them have no names. Though once you get the first pieces in it is more clear where the other pieces go. One piece that causes a lot of trouble is the access hatch, it can be removed without affecting the performance of the gun. I’m sorry I couldn’t help more.

  15. Help i took the bolt of like 50 times and now when i put it in it will not lock in it will just slide off i look insdie and i was stupid enough to rip off the pices that were locking in it now what!?!?!?!

  16. My plunger fell apart and I can’t fix it, any tips anyone? I do t know what to do, a little plaice fell out

    • Do you mean the back broke out of it? If so, there is not much you can do, perhaps some epoxy might work but I cannot say for sure

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