Basic Longshot Mod

This post is instructions to do two basic mods (Air Restrictor [AR] removal and added spring)on the Nerf Longshot CS-6.

Step #1: Take out all screws in the Longshot and put them in some kind of container so that you won’t lose them. Once all screws are out, carefully pull apart the body.

Step #2: Take out the bolt sled assembly.

Step #3: Take out the two small screws holding the plunger into the plunger tube, and take the plunger and spring out.

Step #4: Inside the plunger tube, you will see something like this:

Using a small pair of wire snippers, cut each of those 3 little prongs. Once all 3 have been cut, the center piece and a couple of small black pieces should fall out, and you should be able to see right though to the other end, like this.

Step #5: Put the plunger back in and put the screws in. Once you have done that, get some electrical tape or duct tape and cover up this small hole so air doesn’t escape through it.

Step #6 Find another spring, I got mine from a Lanard Max Shot I believe, and put it on in place of the other spring.

Step #7: Put everything back together and your done!


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