Nerf Masterkey Shotgun Attachment

This attachment was made from the internal parts of a Nerf big bad bow, Nerf Recon CS-6 spring, Duct Tape, and an Allen wrench. It is capable of firing eight Nerf darts in one blast or firing two blasts of four darts in rapid succession. It can shoot eight darts app. 15 ft. over a blast area of app. 5 ft. Loaded, this shotgun accessory measures 1 ft. in length and fits comfortably on a Nerf Longstrike CS-6 barrel extension though is compatible on most N-strike blasters. It is to be loaded by simply pulling the “tail” back all the way and sliding the “pin” (allen wrench) in the side hole, you then load a maximum of eight darts down the barrel, pull the “pin” out to fire.

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