Nerf N-strike Stampede ECS Review

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The Nerf Stampede ECS is arguably the one of the best Nerf  guns released in 2010. This  fully- automatic blaster comes with a blast shield, pop-out bi-pod, and three 18- dart extended clips right of the box. The Stampede makes the Nerf Vulcan EBF-25 look miserable mainly due to the fact the the Stampede is simpler to load, doesn’t jam as often and has an impressive range of about 35-40 feet. When in a Nerf war the Stampede ECS is perfect for just about everything. Put a scope on one of the six tactical rails and you have yourself a fully-automatic sniper, but maybe you are a an infiltrator if so the Stampede is made for you. Although the Stampede’s performance is amazing …the price is not. The Stampede is listed for approximitly $ 49.99 CAN (approximately $ 45.00 USD) on The Hasbro Nerf website. So to get an edge in your nerf wars…get a Stampede ECS.

2 thoughts on “Nerf N-strike Stampede ECS Review

  1. Hi its me again well I really like nerf but I don’t have many nerf guns I only have one which is not very good because I lose easily with the gun so I was just wondering if I can have free stampede

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