Nerf Firefly REV-8 Review

The Nerf Firefly REV-8 is now a gun that is fading into nerf history, often it’s bulkiness makes it unpractical in nerf wars. The Firefly utilizes a similar mechanism as the Maverick with the exception that it holds eight darts over  the six used in the Maverick, The Firefly also externally holds eight additional darts on the stock (four on each side). To load the Firefly you simply push a dart into each of the eight barrels on the front of the gun. The Firefly on average achieves ranges of about 20-25 feet, and it is very accurate. A unique feature of the firefly is it’s ability to work effectively in the dark, hence the name “Firefly”. The Firefly comes with glow in the dark micro (suction) darts and releases a flash of light when the trigger is pulled (similar to the Nitefinder). In conclusion the Firefly is a good gun, though I rate the Maverick REV-6 higher.

One thought on “Nerf Firefly REV-8 Review

  1. Personally , I believe the Firefly, with the proper attachments, makes an excellent side armfor a sniper class.

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