Nerf Marauder Longsword Review

The Nerf Marauder was an earlier weapon released as part of the N-force line of weapons and is often wielded with two hands. With a high quality foam blade 1.5 inches thick the Marauder is in my opinion a perfectly weighted weapon and very effective in melee combat. The Marauder has a 29 inch blade the longest of all N-force weapons yet released, and often provides a helpful edge in combat.


4 thoughts on “Nerf Marauder Longsword Review

    • The entire Marauder is approximately 40 inches (just over three feet) in length and the Shadow fury and Thunder fury short swords are each about 32 inches in length and are much lighter and can be used at a higher pace than the Marauder, while the Marauder can deliver hard smashing blows that are difficult to block with the short swords.

  1. what is the longest sword from nerf.I need a huge sword to look like william wallace’s sword.

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