Nerf Barricade RV-10 Mod

This link is from SG Nerf-I have not yet done this mod but it appears to be very effective.



7 thoughts on “Nerf Barricade RV-10 Mod

  1. Hi well it was my cousins birthday so he got the long shoot so I need a power full gun and a fast reload gun and I don’t have enougph money for this gun so can I have a free nerf barricade rv 10 mod

  2. Have you tried removing the 2nd pressure switch? I removed it then threw it away then just connected the two wires together then the motors start to spin really fast with regular batteries. Then I got rid of unnecessary parts from the gun and then replaced the motors with tamiya racing motors

  3. Hi,I just bought one of these guns for my 4 yr old son, I like it playing with more then him I think! LOL
    Anyways that clip what do I do just take out the screws on the fun and remove the part that holds the bullets now? And then just go buy one of those clips,does the clip just go right in easily? Help ,I know nothing about these Nerf guns..I see all these different modifications people are doing they really get into these Nerf guns don’t they? Please if you reply send it to my email cause I probably won’t be able to find this link

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