Nerf Vulcan EBF-25 Review

The Nerf Vulcan is the largest ever fully automatic battery operated Nerf  blaster ever made. Each Vulcan comes with a 25 dart ammo belt that it can shoot in approximately 7 seconds. To fire in the automatic mode, you must first insert 6 D sized batteries into the battery tray, load the weapon, flick the selector switch by the shooter’s thumb, and pull the trigger. Also, an ammo box can be attached to the left side of the gun that increases mobility.

Weighing in at about 6 pounds, the Vulcan is a rather heavy Nerf gun; compared to others. Because of the weight, the Vulcan comes with a swiveling tripod that takes the weight for you.

One bonus about the Vulcan is that if you ever lose battery power in the midst of a battle, the weapon does not become useless. Immediately behind where the ammo box is stored, on either side the is a cocking handle that allows the Vulcan fire fire in a similar fashion to the Longshot and Longstrike, although it’s far heavier.

The Vulcan, while rapid fire, does not do well in long range fights, with each dart landing at about 20-30 feet from the emplacement. It is very bulky with limited mobility and is much better suited to ambush situations.


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