Basic Nerf Vulcan Mods

For those who  have and use the Nerf Vulcan this is a basic set of  mods that will extend your overall  range and  increase your dart capacity.

You will need:

-2x nerf vulcan ammo boxes (optional)

– small philips  screwdiver

-knife or small scissors

-2x nerf vulcan belts

-a vulcan (obviously)

-a drill

-50x nerf darts (of any type)

-extra vulcan charging bolt (optional)

-hot glue gun (optional)

The belt used above is a newer variant than the belts used in this mod and doesn't work for part of this mod.










Belt AR Removal

Now taking the drill  you drill out the AR’s  in the back of each link in the chain, once removed your  maximum range  should increase. When finished and loaded your belt should look something like the belt below.







50 dart belt mod

Start out by flipping each of your two chains over (facing the same way) you now unscrew each of the inward “duds” on the  inside of the belts. Discard of one of these duds.








After that,  you must cut a slit between two of the center holes, so instead of two holes you’ll just have one line and of course the two remaining outer holes.







Now slide the custom cut slit over the piece of plastic jutting out of the inside of the remaining “dud” link.









Lastly reassemble. When done your belt should look like the picture below.

50 Dart Belt Ammo Box

This last mod requires the items I listed optional and is very useful to the extent that it increases mobility though it does require 2 ammo boxes and another vulcan charging bolt. You first start by removing the orange lids of each ammo box, next you flip one of the ammo boxes upside down and lining up the holes one inside the other push the charging  bolt through each of the holes. Lastly using the glue gun, glue the other end of the charging handle to the ammo box putting it                                                                                  over the metal bar now sticking through.

To load a chain into the vulcan using this ammo box is different to the standard ammo box, though the principle is the same. You start by loading the normal way folding the chain as it goes in, but when half of the space is used up you must start to leave an area the size of one chain link so when firing there will be space for the belt to load through at a level angle

Lastly you mustn’t load the “dud” to fire first, simply load in the second link in the chain.


You now should have a modified, Vulcan a much more lethal weapon in a nerf war


Here is the finished Vulcan

8 thoughts on “Basic Nerf Vulcan Mods

  1. Did the drilling out actually increase the range? I am considering doing it, but wanted to make sure it did increase your range.

      • I guess I need to run it a few more times because I have seen zero increase. Thanks for all the good ideas.

  2. Hi guys it’s Brock well it is my cousains birthday and he is getting the long shoot and I do not want to be imbrasing for me to lose to a seven year old and I only maverick so I will get my but kicked!!!I have asked fo a free stampede a that secret gun so all I need now is the Vulcan so can I have the Vulcan for free please!!!!!!from Brock.

  3. I drilled the ars out of all of the belt holes but I don’t think I’m seing any increase in range any ideas?

    • this mod really doesnt do much for range mostly it allows a little extra range and the use of any dart, such as streamline-the mod that actually takes the real AR out is much, much more complicated as you have to disassemble the entire vulcan, and even when i tried this mod i couldnt get the air seal right when i put it back together

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