Official Nerf Demo Videos

The Pyragon:

The Hailfire:

The  Rampage:

The Retaliator:

Thanks to SG Nerf for the Youtube format of these videos.

Source: Hasbro Website
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Nerf N-Strike Elite Update

SG Nerf has gotten his hands on an N-Strike Elite Rampage and showed us what the internals look like, this blaster that looked so much like a N-Strike Raider to my excitement has a direct plunger system. I cant wait to mod one myself. Link

Also VasTheStampede over at Foam From Above received a package the other day containing both the N-Strike Elite Retaliator and Rampage! Below is him firing the Retaliator, it sure seems to perform well.

Nerf also posted an “official picture” of the N-Strike Elite Hailfire a while back via their Facebook Page.


So as you know, I’ve been doing some Halo-like paintjobs on my Recon and Longstrike-my issue now is if I should do a pistol to match. Right now I have a nicely modded NiteFinder that I would like to do a paintjob on, but I’m stuck! I can’t decide if I should do a paintjob to match my Recon and Longstrike, or, my other choice is to try to make it into a custom DL-44 blaster from Star Wars-te type of blaster that Han Solo uses. Which do you guys want to see?